T-Strap Product

Cord Strap is also named Cordlash. Polyester Lashing Belt, Polyester Composite Strapping etc, which is made from multi-stand high polyester fiber, combines the scattered goods into a whole. It occupies over 75% market share ini similiar product in the world.

With outstanding performance over the traditional steel and PP strap, Cord Strap is a safe, efficient and economical substitute of steel strap for cargo’ fixing and binding. The shock absorbency feature keeps the lashing secure throught he most rugged transit, it can be used in different areas and all kinds of conditions.

Strapping and lashing are the best secure system to the rear of the containers at present, and certified by the American Association of Railroads (AAR) and conforms to European Railway regulation (RIV).

Cord Straps / Cordlashs

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With buckles, the goods will be easily packed by tensioners. We have various type and size of buckle, which are suitable in the different cordstraap

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  • As strong as steel
  • High tensile and always keep high tension strength
  • Light and soft
  • No sharp edges to damage the goods
  • Will not rust
  • Suitable for various climatic conditions
  • Effectively absorb vibration during transit
  • No deformation
  • Simple, quick and safe to use and disposal
  • High crossing anf folding performance


List of Testrap Strapping and Buckle