Polyester strapping system for cargo securing!

Corstrap manufactures cargo securing product using latest polyester strapping technology and offers composite, bonded and woven range of polyester strapping systems specifically designed for palletizing and bundling. Cordstrap polyester strapping system provide safe and cost effective ways to secure your cargo and prevent damage during transport.

Corded polyester is a cost effective alternative to steel strapping. Corstrap eliminates the “hidden costs” of steel banding – such as damaged product, downtime, workmen’s compensation, tooling and repair costs. Our strapping and lashing tools are only a fraction of the cost and maintain a longer life. Cordstrap corded polyester does not corrode, rust, or stain your product and will not damage forklift tires. Whether you are tranpsorting goods within Indonesia or exporting product overseas, Cordstrap should be your first choice for cargo securing.

Use our expertise to get your goods to their destination safe and undamaged. Our local Cordstap strapping specialist will be happy to advise you on cargo restraint system specifically designed for the safe and dammage free transportation of your product.